Pub Marquee Hire

Marquee hire for pubs is on the increase as pubs have had to diversify, staging events such as Summer Barbeques, music gigs, concerts, theatre shows, comedy shows, disco and dances, community events and garden fetes. Our framed marquees and frame tents are perfect to house the extra facilities needed and can be constructed on car parks and next to buildings, as well as on the more traditional green areas. A framed marquee or frame tent can often be the best choice for when you need additional space alongside your pub.

With no central support poles a framed marquee gives you the maximum amount of usable space and because they are more stable than traditional marquees they can remain in place throughout the winter. Semi-permanent marquees are similar in construction to framed marquees with the addition of an integral hard floor and glazed windows.

Plan your PUB marquee with Abinger Marquee Hire!

Careful planning of the marquee layout will ensure that you have the maximum usable space. The first step to planning the layout of your marquee is our is via our online planning guide, which allows you to visualise the size of the marquee with different internal layouts, but of course we are always on hand to personally advise you on possible layout options too.

Tent or marquee hire for Smoke free Public Places and Workplaces

With the new legislation on smoking in public places, an open marquee can be used as a ‘shelter’ for those customers wishing to have a cigarette. Many pubs, clubs and restaurants stand to be caught out by the new legislation. The new smokefree law will apply to virtually all ‘enclosed’ and ‘substantially enclosed’ public places and workplaces. This includes both permanent structures and temporary ones such as tents and marquees.

If a tent or marquee is to be considered it must be deemed ‘non’substantially enclosed’ – which would mean being open on three sides. The Department of Health cannot provide advice on the design or construction of smoking shelters, marquees or tents.

Whilst the needs of your location will be unique and individual, if you are looking for some examples of previous pub marquees please browse our photo gallery for ideas and call if you need any help or advice.

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